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List your school's name, its address, your name, the date, and the library service (below) you're describing. Then tell your story about how what happens in your library program that helps students be more successful.  


Library Services:


1. Offered a program of curriculum-integrated information literacy instruction.

2. Informally instructed students in the use of resources.

3. Planned or conducted workshops for teachers.

4. Assisted school curriculum committee with recommendations

5. Collaborated with teachers to develop, implement, and evaluate student learning 

6. Provided reference assistance to students and teachers.

7. Provided reading, listening, and viewing guidance for students.

8. Provided instruction on Internet searching and research

9. Other


Begin adding here:


School Name: Petaluma High School

School Address: 201 Fair Street

Your Name: Connie Williams

Date: 12/12/08

Library Service:Creating a 'learning commons' library

Your story: I just started working at this library 2 months ago. What a change high school is from junior high!  But also what a wonderful challenge. I have been changing the space from a library with a lot of shelving and little in the way of student seating into a space for two classes at a time and a gathering place for presentations, faculty meetings and other activities.  We've weeded the collection and opened the doors to classes. Teachers have been coming in and setting dates for future projects. I announced on the loudspeaker the arrival of new books and at tutorial about 25 kids came in to pick up books. It was absolutely heartwarming!


School Name: casa grande high school

School Address: 333 casa grande road petaluma, california 94954

Your Name: anna koval =)

Date: 01.05.09

Library Service: created a really awesome library website www.bighouselibrary.com =)

Your story: taking cues from miranda doyle, the technologically-super-talented author of 101+ great ideas for teen library websites, i set up a site that would be teen-friendly and teacher-assistive. since its launch last august, it has been viewed more than 30,000 times by people in 14 countries and named website of the month by school library journal! =) but as great as all that is, what matters most to me is that my students use and love it! here's what kira had to say vis the online feedback form: "First I love how there are pictures to show how people are in the library and how much they love the library. I like how when a teacher gives a project they can put up how to do the project or what the student needs for the project on the website so the student can get to it where ever. I love how the website is open outside of the school and can be opened from home or anywhere. I like how for the seniors there is a lot of helpful links besides google. the most of all i love the librarian chat where a student can get information on books, websites or other types of stuff like that for their projects. I like how the website is always updated and how the responses are quickly and easy to get.  Last of all i love how the website isn't boring or plain and how happy everything is in it."


School Name:Petaluma Junior High School

School Address:700 Bantam Way Petaluma, CA 94952

Your Name:Karen Andresen                         


Library Service:I am trying to do a little of everything on the list! Using my school's History Day project, I am able to offer a program of curriculum-integrated information literacy instruction including providing instruction on Internet searching and research.

Your story: Seventh Grade History Day requires students to turn in seventy notecards full of research for a project they complete after researching. It is the perfect opportunity to teach students about note-taking, Works Cited, print and online resources.


School Name:

School Address:

Your Name:


Library Service:

Your story:


School Name:

School Address:

Your Name:


Library Service:

Your story:

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